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About Us

Founded in 2021, we offer bespoke informal education, strategy and arts projects across Peterborough. We were designed using the principles and ethics of Permaculture. We strongly believe in people care, fair share and earth care.

Some of our projects have included: Gardening for Wellbeing, Pottery for Wellbeing, Cooking classes, No Dig Growing, Sustainable Gardening, Seed Saving, Family Gardening, Windowsill Growing and bespoke edible food art workshops. 

We also undertook the focus groups across Peterborough, gathering citizens views about what people want to see in Peterborough in terms of food.

Our Vision

To help others to flourish through the growth of food,
community & healthy ecosystems.

Our Mission

To promote sustainable development of the
citizens and environment of Peterborough through:


Development of local food ecosystems, focusing on access to healthy, culturally appropriate, local and/or sustainable food through community growing, cookery,
sharing and/or celebration.

Education and knowledge sharing
in formal and non-formal settings.


The development of healthy wellbeing through artistic activities.

The promotion of healthy ecosystems
both environmental and societal.

To support the education and empowerment of citizens in Peterborough through access to food, education and learning around food production, preparation, and consumption. 

To support the expression of culture through the arts and food. 
Our roots lie in a passion to celebrate and advocate creativity, nourishment, and fulfilment in Peterborough.

Our Ethos

Be supportive of the city’s development and communities by sharing networks, attending events, and sharing best practice.

To represent the diverse voices of Peterborough, through appropriate platforming, investment, and programming.

To be guided by the needs and wants
of the citizens of Peterborough.

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